You’re here today because your life has reached a turning point
and you’re ready to stop settling and LIVE your true potential.

Maybe your career is sucking the life out of you and you want to change your path.  Maybe your body is in a major health crisis. Maybe your relationship has reached the breaking point. I’ve been there too!

It sucks to be struggling and feeling stuck, but I can tell you that right now you are in the perfect place: at the edge. Grab my hand, because this is where you learn to fly.

You can heal your past, create your future, and live life richly in the present. I have made this journey, and I hope you will trust me when I tell you, as your Angel of Fire, that you can, too.

I promise, a more fulfilling life is waiting for you.

Will you take that first step with me today?

I grew up in the 1970’s — adopted into a Jewish family comprised of a lawyer who saw me like an Italian suit in his closet, a fragile mother who never spoke up and used alcohol to medicate her pain, and a physically and verbally abusive brother.

Divorce yanked the silver spoon out of my mouth, tossing me into the not-so-loving arms of an abusive step-father and a drug dealing step-brother, surrounded by criminals who were in and out of prison.

Suffice it to say: my home was not safe.

I grew up in the belly of the beast — I was offered my first hit of marijuana at age five. Going to school with a busted lip? Just another Monday.

Instead of play-dates with schoolmates, I helped my brother burglarize a Sizzlers and stole food to survive. It was a training ground for my soul, but it also took a toll on my body that would show up later as a course-changer.

I learned to push hard to get what I wanted.

To survive, I became a tough girl and MADE life give me what I wanted. And I wanted it all. I thought that a life of material luxury would prove my worth and dissolve the my pain.

On my way to the top of the fashion industry, I hustled my way into into a plum job at Prada. I thought I had made it. I had all the trappings of “fashionable” success. I looked fabulous and had the perfect British boyfriend and lived in the West Village. But I was miserable and lost.

I’d built a glimmering mansion on top of a swamp, and it was sinking – fast.

At age 24, my body went numb.

One cold, wintery day in NYC, I woke up and my feet and my hands were tingling. My immune system was shot, and according to my diagnosis, I was bound for paralysis, wheelchairs, incontinence, monthly injections that triggered violent flus.

That was definitely NOT in my plan.

I felt like an animal, caged in my own body. I felt like I had failed, like I was a burden, a broken pile of rubble — unworthy of anything. I hated life, and I hated God.

I could have killed myself. Just disappeared.

There were many times I was tempted. But instead, I did something radical: I began to forgive myself. And everyone else. I began to let go of resistance and anger and started to release what was underneath all my layers of defense.

It didn’t happen overnight and it certainly wasn’t simple. Where my tools had failed, I had to find new teachers and new ways to transform. Being a victim wasn’t going to work anymore.

When you transform agony into acceptance + suffering into skill, a magical corridor extends before you, unfolding toward the life you’ve longed for.

And you walk down it. One day at a time. One breath at a time.

I tapped into my intuition and quickly recreated my life–from Prada to Yoga to Coaching–into what my soul was calling for.

Today I feel so blessed to use all of my gifts and live my life as a work of art. I live in my dream home in Los Angeles with my husband Asaf and our little Boston Terrier Mala. I love to hike, practice yoga, bake gluten-free bundt cakes, hang out in clothing stores looking for cool designs, be creative, travel, frequent art museums, movie houses, and be a student of life.

After over 20+ years of study, I’ve activated my power and sharpened my skills to help you find your true power source again.

If you are ready to change quickly, powerfully and feel safe through the process, I’m here for you.

If you are done with having one foot in and one foot out of a job…
If you are ready to get off the fence about your relationship…
If you want to design a life of meaning and purpose…
If you are ready to tap into your intuition and align your life with your gifts…
If you are ready to make some big decisions and move forward with your life…

…I’m definitely here for you.

I see your possibility and will give you REAL, do-able action steps to get there.

If you are conscious, driven and done with needing to be saved, then consider me your street-smart soul-sister — your Angel of Fire. The best friend who’s been there — and there, and there — and who will never EVER judge you, give up on your divine potential or try to put you into any box. Promise!

If you’re ready to be the woman you want to be,
apply for your free Clarity Session now.

Hoping I get the privilege to be your angel of fire.

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