A Nourishing Ritual to Help You Make 2014 The Best Year Ever…

Every year I write a post about what youimage_12.20.13
can do to make the next year even better
than the year ending.

I could give you the “new thing” to do, but
to be honest with you, that’s not my style.
What I find makes each year better is when
we take the time to tie up loose ends in our

This is the secret ritual I do every year to
ground myself and feel a sense of completion.

Completion breeds a state of calm.  tweet that!

It also creates space for the new + opens you up for even more abundance in your life.

It’s simple to do.

Yet, I find most people overlook this step when they are setting their goals, and then wonder why it takes so long to make things happen. It causes frustration and many people give up on creating the life they dream of because this step is missed.

It’s easy to want the quick fix in life.

I used to need that too! It made me feel alive in a crazy sort of way. I was that scattered person jumping from new thing to new thing to complete my year and make it perfect. I wasn’t bored but it was exhausting.

I spun my wheels and was left feeling anxious ending the year all over the place. I felt like there was not enough time and I worried, what if I ended the year wrong. I had a deep painful feeling of being inadequate.

What changed all of this was when…

I started this simple end of the year ritual that came out of feeling a bit lost. I began to take inventory of what needed to be confessed, completed and cleared in my life. It was eye opening. It gave me focus inside and out.

After doing the very same process I’m sharing with you today, I felt a ton of release.

One thing I learned about the “new thing” is the “new thing” is not always the best thing. Or the answer. This is why I update and tweak this ritual every year. Because for me, it’s about evolution, not revolution.

I’m inviting you to join me even if you have your own rituals or are knee deep in planning, vision boarding or intention setting, because I know this works to reduce the pressure that comes with having unfinished business in your life.

The magical part of taking inventory or tying up your loose ends is…

You get to be in charge of your life and not live it by default.

You get to release what is no longer needed and may be draining you.

You get to release overwhelm from having so many things unfinished in your life.

You get to create and be in the flow of your life for more miracles, blessings and magic to happen.

You get to create space for new energy, life, money, relationships and opportunities.

Oh, and the universe loves when you do this because it is always wanting to give you what you want and needs space to do it!

Now It’s Your Turn Gorgeous, To Create The Best Year Ever!

The coolest part is that you get to use this clearing practice as part of your ritual. It can be a day retreat or a half day. You may want to do a clearing in the morning then claim what you want to create in the new space you are creating.

Some Suggestions…You can do yoga or meditate to get started. Then take a bath. Eat yummy, nourishing food. Play your favorite playlist. Enjoy creating space for what you desire to create in your life.

Whatever you want to do is perfect.

Click here to download your Tying Up Loose Ends 2014 Practice Companion Guide

[Just right click the link above to download the PDF + get started!]

Psst… Know any women you’d like to do this with? Then create an afternoon out of it. And you can also share this with anyone who is feeling a bit all over the place too!

It’s Your Time to Be Seen + Heard Gorgeous…

Tell me what the number one thing is that you want to confess, complete or clear for 2013.

Oh, this is going to be good.

I can’t wait to find out exactly what that is. By sharing it, you are already releasing it from your space. Whoo Hoo!

And you never know who will read your comment and be inspired by your courage to make a change in their life. We are here to celebrate you and validate your release so you have the best year ever!

Have a fantastic Holiday and enjoy the new space you are creating in your life.

Your Angel of Fire,





P.S. Here Is The Tying Up Loose Ends Recap 2012 + 2011…

In 2012 we did the Tying Up Loose Ends Challenge (if you joined me, cool!). And the year before I asked the Big Question, Have you Tied Up Your Loose Ends for 2011?


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  1. I dig your annual ritual Hillary. I have some loose ends which need tying. Because the Winter solstice is actually the energetic shift from contraction to expansion, the time when the daylight increases in the Northern Hemisphere, our family and friends come together to let go of the previous year and make our intentions known for the upcoming year. We celebrate with a shadow puppet show, make amulets with seeds, gems, coins, herbs, essential oils and blessings. We paint a yule log, and then everyone throws into the fire paper written with the things they want to let go of as well as what they want to create with the increasing light. We do this as a small group and create a ceremony our children can all enjoy and learn to appreciate. This has become one of my favorite practices because it not only helps me to set personal intentions, but ones for my family as well.

  2. This was an awesome post and actually right no time. The line that resonated the most for me was: “The magical part of taking inventory or tying up your loose ends is … you get to be in charge of your life and not live it by default.” Absolutely. Thank you for this gift.


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