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Birthday Themes, My 43/43 Birthday Extravaganza + The Winners Are…


Do you ever have a theme for your birthday?

I love having a theme for my birthday because I find it helps me to ground more deeply in my

truth and set a bigger intention for my soul’s evolution.

This year’s theme emerged organically without any effort, it’s my year of FIRSTS. It’s the first

year I’m celebrating my birthday out of the country, on an airplane, and as a mama.

Goodbye 42, you were amazing… Hello 43!

Maybe birthdays bring up a lot of stuff for you, maybe getting older is depressing or maybe you think you need to be further along in your life and business than you are.

I get it. And if this is how you feel, ask yourself, what if you could find a theme that brought you back to your deepest self and allowed this to inspire you to shift into a new space of being?

Food for thought.

Either way, I invite you to have FUN with me on my birthday! Let’s party…

I invite you to celebrate your life with me even if your birthday has past or is coming up later in the year. I invite you to see that YOU are enough. I invite you to see that YOU are worthy and deserving of celebrating. What’s important here is to see your life as a miracle, a blessing to the world, no matter what it may look like right now.

Every year, I take the time to see what I’m ready to release, and what I’d like to start doing that I’ve put off. It may be a project, a new way of being, a class, or to learn something new.

What came up for me this year that was most important was being more present in my life and deepening the connection to my spirituality and becoming even more deliberate in how I was designing my life.

So, for my 43rd birthday, I updated a few promises to myself…

1. To find new ways to be even more generous to myself and others.

2. To be clear with my intentions when planning and release having to be in control.

3. To take a stand for those who deeply care about living their life & business in a new way, without having to deal with outdated beliefs that cause unnecessary struggle or resistance.

Hint, the first and third promise is about Y-O-U…

You may be wondering WHY, and here it is. I’m taking a stand for you to reduce overwhelm, stop second guessing yourself, and finally get tools that work for you to design your life – on your own terms, without apologizing for it. By doing this, I am able to celebrate the first birthday of a program I created to help you do exactly that and more.

Happy First Birthday to my meditation and coaching e-course, Meditate, Create & Liberate.  Doesn’t she look even more beautiful at 1? This course is the foundation of the 1:1 coaching work I do with my clients, and now you can get support without feeling stressed out about the money.


Let’s get this Birthday Extravaganza Started!

For the next 43 hrs you get to celebrate your life, your being a miracle in this world, and give yourself a gift of learning How to Stay Spiritually Present in Life and Business for just $43.

My Birthday Extravaganza special has ended, but the great news is that I’m offering this e-course at an easy price of $147! If you’re ready for this soul journey, click the buy button above and let’s get started.


Pretty cool, right?

What is it exactly and WHY should you upgrade your life & business with the Meditate, Create & Liberate 8-Week Meditation & Coaching E-Course NOW (other than it’s a rockin’ deal)?  

Here’s the skinny…

MCL is the thinking person’s meditation + coaching e-course. It honors where you are right now, and is designed to help you release limiting beliefs from running the show, as it awakens the truth of who you are inside to create a life on your own terms.

Today we move faster than ever, have more information coming at us, and are pulled in many different directions. Taking us further away from what we want deep inside, and making us feel disconnected from our truth.

These meditations were first developed in 2012, and my clients have been using them since, getting amazing results. Now we’ve updated them to be even more effective by pairing them with coaching exercises, assignments, tools, and life changing questions, to create even bigger shifts in life & business.

If this worked for my clients, it will work for you.

MCL Testimonial for Blog

What Meditate, Create & Liberate Meditation and Coaching 8 Week E-Course Gives You:

  • MCL Starter Kit, that helps you say “Goodbye” to baggage and “Hello” to clarity
  • 2 Weeks of Email Support before the course begins to help you be prepared
  • How to Rock this Course MP3 Audio to help you remove blocks for success
  • Email Accountability to make it easy to follow through with the course
  • 8 Weeks of Meditations with practices, assignments, and prompts for you to create healthy, winning habits for success
  • A Bonus Week to celebrate your completion of the course, to help you feel really good about yourself

A Private MCL Facebook Group only for members of the course, to get even more accountability and support.

Click here to check out the Meditate, Create & Liberate Course Introduction + Outline…

[The course outline will open in a new tab. Right click (MAC: control click) and select “Save As” to download.]

Looks pretty amazing, right? It’s going to be wonderful…

Sweet Soul, Do You Want to Learn the “Secret Sauce”  to be Spiritually Present in Your Life & Business?

Let’s do this…

If you know you’re ready for a soul adventure, then click the buy now button below and you get to enjoy the next 8 weeks, being totally taken care of.


If you need the full details and want to see MCL in all her glory click here…

A party only gets better when you share…

Please share this with your friends, family and those you love, to take this soul adventure with you. Use these click to tweets or you can share through the Facebook share link at the top left side of this post.

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And if you want to bring a friend along with you, you can! We aren’t limiting the number of spots you can purchase at this special price, so if you know another beautiful woman (or two) who could use a course like this, why not purchase one as a gift for them as well?

And the winners are…

1.  Rachael Lucas – Congrats, you are the winner of The Art of Becoming a Coach 6-month Training Program.

And the following individuals have won a spot in this amazing e-course:

1.  Stacy Thompson

2.  Georgina Pijttersen

3.  Emmalyn Gaertner

We will contact all winners via email within 48 hours.

Thank you, Sweet Soul, for being you, for celebrating with me, and remember you have only 43 hrs to start the adventure for your soul for $43, to learn how to be Spiritually Present in Life and Business. This party closes, June 18th at 2am PST.

My Birthday Extravaganza special has ended, but the great news is that I’m offering this e-course at an easy price of $147! If you’re ready for this soul journey, click the buy button above and let’s get started.

I hope I get the honor to support you to find your true self and create a life with ease, joy, and confidence.

Have any questions? Then please check out this page to see all the details of the course, and meet some clients who’ve used this work to create amazing success in their lives and businesses, too.

With deep gratitude…

Your Angel of Fire,






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