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Ecstatic Marketing can be FUN! 3 Tips for ‘Promotionless Promotion’ That Get Great Results

We’re really excited about this week’s babysitter blogger, Christina Morassi. Christina is sharing her favorite 3 ways to promote your business that are fun and effortless. Check out the post and join the conversation in the comments below.

And, if you missed last week’s post from the amazing Britt Michaelian, you can check that out here.


Hey there…  My name is Christina Morassi, and you should know that I’m a former hippie/healer/burningman-girl who crossed over into business. And I don’t know about you, but I used to absolutely detest the word “Marketing”!

Can anyone else relate? I mean it always felt to me like the very concept of marketing was something dirty, manipulative, and overly salesy. And heck no, I wanted nothing to do with it.

But what’s a woman to do with a big mission in her heart, who wants to create great change on the planet, and so therefore needs to get the word out?

Shoot….  Well, find a way to make marketing Ecstatic and FUN.

So can I share with you some great techniques I discovered? They’re not what you would learn in traditional business circles. However, as an example to show that they work… These tips helped me to go from making $600 a month to making $700K in my third year of business. SHAZAM, as I like to say!

So let’s dive in, shall we?  

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard it said that this is the Age of the Personal Brand… And that’s absolutely true! The old school ways of business are totally falling away these days, and people are really craving authenticity, building relationships, and finding their tribe. And so what I love to do is help people find their Ecstatic Brands, which happens when they discover how to blend ALL of their gifts together into ONE business that is absolutely unique…and unleashes them to stand out in the marketplace and attract the attention of high-paying clients.

Then, once you’ve found your Ecstatic Brand, you need to turn that brand into an easy and effortless marketing strategy!

I call this marketing strategy Living ON Brand.

Living ON Brand happens when you become a beacon for your business, a walking billboard for your brand, and you begin what I like to call “Marketing through Transmission”. All of this becomes a kind of ‘Promotionless Promotion’…  So you aren’t having to work hard to spread your message or tell people about your business, because they are learning about what you do while watching you in action! And not only is it super easy to market your business through Living on Brand, it can be quite fun, too.

Living ON Brand happens when you become a beacon for your business. Click to tweet…

So… wondering HOW to live on brand?!

3 Tips for Promotionless Promotion That Get Great Results

1. Model Your Message

One way to practice Living ON Brand is by making sure your internal brand matches your external brand, so that there isn’t a disconnect with your audience! What I mean by this, is that you really need to practice what you preach. If you talk about living a luxurious life, please don’t buy junkie cars or shop at thrift stores. If you help people lose weight by eating healthy, do not talk about donuts. If you’re a social media marketing specialist, then make sure you’re active on Facebook. If you’d like to see an amusing example of what this can look like… Check out this fun video I shot while working in Hawaii!  (Yes… it’s me, in a bikini. In a business video. Told you Living On Brand can be fun!)

2. Behind-the-Scenes Pictures + Videos

People LOVE to peek behind the curtain. So another way to practice Living On Brand is to share the inner workings of your business. For example, during the photo shoots I art direct for my private clients, I share behind the scenes pictures of everything – hair & makeup, shooting, and styling. I also share behind the scenes pics of my private client retreats. Both of these really help people to feel like they are there, and then they become more likely to invest in the next round because they feel so connected to it!

CM guest post image 2

3. Share Your Everyday Life

People LOVE to feel like they were ‘there’ with you both in your business and your personal life, and by sharing your everyday life with your community, you really help them get to know you and you develop even more of that coveted Know, Like, Trust Factor. You can do this by sharing pictures of your office view for the day. Or posts about your family life. Or, like I do on a weekly basis, share scenes from your morning walk. Going to an industry event? Share pictures you’ve taken while at the event. Use this sort of real-time reporting as a way to take your peeps with you. Believe me…when you open your life up this way, your audience will really feel a connection with you and will be more ready to buy from you when you actually make your offers!

So I hope you can now see how Marketing can be Ecstatic and FUN!

And in case you might need more convincing…

Want to see an example of ‘Promotionless Promotion’ in action?

Please meet my client, Jessie Lucas, who helps people learn to LOVE exercise by finding movement that makes their heart sing. While it would be so easy for her to tell you about what she does, instead she is actually a great example of Living ON Brand. Check it out…when she’s exercising and moving her body, she takes pics and shares them on Facebook to show how fun the work is that she is doing!

CM guest post image 1

I asked Jessie about her results from Living ON Brand so you can see what’s possible, and this is what she had to say:

“I have posted or emailed a picture of me loving my own fitness, wrote a bit about my emotional experience and how that movement or moment impacted my life positively, and then I would receive a private message or email from someone who was inspired by what I posted. They would say something along the lines of, “That picture was so fun, and I love what you said about fitness being more than just a physical experience…I want that !” Then, when we had a discovery session, there was already inspiration and connection, and it was a delight to decide to work together. In the last year I have made at least $10,000 simply by sharing my “Living ON Brand”.

As you can tell, Living ON Brand has truly been so successful for my clients, and I know it can be for you as well. And now that I’ve shared my favorite 3 ways to promote your business that are fun and effortless, I’d love to hear what ideas you have for Living On Brand. So tell me, how are YOU going to practice Living on Brand? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!

About Christina…

Christina Morassi

Christina Morassi is an international speaker and Personal Brand Expert who helps women entrepreneurs combine all their gifts together into 1 profitable business.  She calls this Your Ecstatic Brand and knows that it helps you to stand out in the marketplace so that clients and opportunities find you!

Today women entrepreneurs want to know how she built her business to more than half a million dollars in 3 years, and Christina knows it was on the strength of her unique personal brand.  So today she speaks on international stages and coaches women in over 13 countries on how to Liberate THEIR Ecstatic Brand and attract high-paying clients! And if you’re ready to bring all your gifts together into one Ecstatic Brand and step into Ecstatic Wealth, then be sure to grab your free training, “3 Secrets to Explode Your Business with an Ecstatic Brand” available at

You can connect with Christina on Facebook and Twitter.

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