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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge to Move Beyond Fear and Make your Dreams Happen

blog_8.15.14Do you have a goal, dream, or something you’ve been desiring to create in your life, but F.E.A.R. is blocking you?

Well, you’re not alone, Sweet Soul…

Whether it’s F.E.A.R. of failure, F.E.A.R. of looking like a fool, F.E.A.R. of the unknown, or even hidden F.E.A.R.S. that you may not be aware of, you are not creating what you want and I will be so bold as to say you deserve to be able to create what you want.

So you may be wondering, what do I do instead to overcome the F.E.A.R., move beyond it, and begin to see some progress?

One way is to get out of your comfort zone and make it a daily practice.

Before I move on to what that would look like, I’m curious to know what comes up for you when you hear the words – step out of your comfort zone.

Does the part of you that likes to be in control or craves certainty show up with a big fat NO?

I know for me, my control tendencies were a way of feeling comfortable and when I began to release them, get a little uncomfortable not being in total control, I was able to trust in something bigger than myself.

“Great work makes us uncomfortable.” – Seth Godin   Click to tweet…

Check in for yourself and notice what you notice. No matter what you find, let it be there and validate it.

It may be a trigger and bring up a lot for you, and this is a good thing. We are creatures of habit, always seeking the familiar, which allows us to feel a sense of certainty – a sense of control.

What if we take this away? What would be possible? Oh, no? Our comforts tend to be security blankets and today we’re going to challenge that, have fun, and see what is possible when we step out of what makes us feel comfortable.

I invite you to see this Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge as an adventure.

Let it add some spice to your life and see what you are capable of creating. Who knows, maybe you will even surprise yourself.

I believe when we step out of our comfort zone, even though it may be scary, and do something that is new for us, change begins to happen. Our energy shifts and we get new results.

The definition of insanity by Einstein is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   Click to tweet…

Can you see why getting out of your comfort zone would be good and maybe even fun to do?

We are upping the game with this challenge and there will be winners. Any challenge is more fun when you can win – keep in mind you are already a winner just for being here.

Before we get into the steps for this challenge, I invite you to take a moment to validate yourself for doing a good job in your life and business as it is. You rock!

1,2,3 Let’s do this…  7 Days to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge

Let’s break this down so it’s easy for you to do. (And we’re making it even easier for you with a downloadable 7 Days to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge Companion Guide - see below.)

To get started - pick one goal, dream, or something you’ve been desiring to create in your life that F.E.A.R. has been blocking you from doing to use to get out of your comfort zone.

[Note: You can do this challenge longer if you wish to get even better results.]

Example: Let’s say my goal is to get 1 new client and I’m totally afraid to put myself out there. The challenge is to do one thing daily out of my comfort zone – what I may not do normally or am totally afraid to do.

Some suggested ideas of steps I may take if I was afraid to put myself out there may be:  

Day one. Email everyone I know letting them know I have a spot for a new client.
Day two: Reach out to past clients, if I have them, letting them know I have one spot open for a new client. Maybe they know someone who might be interested in working with me.
Day three: Post on Facebook I’m offering 15-min Consultations or Brainstorming Sessions. (I may do this a few days if no one responds and play with how I word it.)
Day four: Research meetups or events where new clients would be locally.
Day five: Schedule in my calendar to go to the meetups or events I find.
Day six: At the meetups, listen, be curious, and find out what others are seeking. Share my info with anyone I feel I might be able to help.
Day seven: Follow up and have a consultation over the phone with anyone I met.

(For this one goal, I’d probably do it for 30 days because it would really get me out of my comfort zone…)

Click here to download your 7 Days to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge Companion Guide.

[To download, Right Click or Ctrl Click and select “Save As” or “Download File As”.]

I recommend to make at least 7 copies of the Companion Guide, or even 30, so you can track it and keep yourself accountable to see what shifts and happens during the challenge. You can even put it in a binder or journal to make this yours.

Honor your process and remember you cannot do this wrong. You will have moments of resistance – let this be the sign you are on the right track.

How to enter to win Meditate, Create & Liberate: 8-Week Meditation and Coaching E-Course (Value $147)


To enter, just share in the comments below exactly what goal, dream, or thing you’ve been desiring to create in your life that you are going to use for this challenge. Then share with us what has F.E.A.R been keeping you from doing?

And remember to come back to let us know how it’s going and what happened or you…

Perhaps leaving a comment below is your first step out of your comfort zone and by doing it you took your first step and are entered to win. How cool is that?

For Extra Bonus Points:

1. Click to tweet:

I’m doing @hillaryrubin’s 7 Days to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge. You should, too! 

Excited to step out of my comfort zone and make things happen. I’m already winning! Thanks @hillaryrubin!

2. Share on FB – copy and paste these quotes!

Look out world, I’m in it to win…stepping out of my comfort zone in this fun challenge with @hillaryrubin. Check it out!

I’m ready to leave my comfort zone behind while I participate in @hillaryrubin’s 7 Days to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge. Who is going to join me?

3.  Take a picture to document your stepping out of your comfort zone and post on Instagram with the hashtag #comfortzonechallenge

Remember, Sweet Soul, you are in charge of your life and the steps you take and are invited to go on this adventure and experience what it’s like to shake things up in the name of your dream, desires, and as a creator of your life. It’s going to be FUN!!!

Enjoy the 7 Days to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge, I’m looking forward to hearing how this goes for you. I have a feeling it’s going to be life changing!


Your Angel of Fire,






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