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15 Tips to Help You Build Courage and Confidence as a Coach

366e455383914c419a551b02af5c0863Imagine you had a magic wand and were able to ask Oprah your big question about what it takes to be successful. No question was too big. She is ready to give you her secrets on how you can become successful as a coach, mentor, or leader.

Well, you may have the chance to do this because Oprah is about to travel again on her The Life You Want Tour. She’s headed to Australia and New Zealand to share her message and magic with those who want to pay for it. Tickets to her events are up into the thousands, and if you pay for her pre-event, you get some cool stuff like a 15 min Q&A and a photo op with the goddess herself.

It’s a pretty penny and I’m sure it’s going to be an incredible, life changing event. Hopefully they will let people share it on Periscope (let’s hang out @HillaryRubin).  :)

Well, if you’re not headed to one of her events and still want to get your questions answered and find out the secrets from 15 top coaches and mentors (who I personally sat down with to pick their brains) about what they did to become successful in their businesses, then you are in luck.

One secret I know from experience is this…   

When it comes to getting guidance or advice, what really works is picking a coach or mentor that is a few steps ahead of you and where you want to be. Ahem, Oprah is a trillion steps ahead from all of us. This does not mean she does not give great advice. What it means is she knows how to do what she does but may not know what it really takes to make it as a coach. No offense, Oprah!

Psst… another secret is when you are starting out, you don’t have to have it all figured out to help someone. You get to start where you are and where you are is relatable and a few steps ahead of those who will seek you out… AMEN to that!

Needing motivation to get started? Then be prepared to have your world rocked…

Here is some of the best advice I’ve heard for those who want to be inspired, build their confidence or know they are on the right path.


Denise Duffield-Thomas – Money Mindset Mentor

“As a coach you’re in the business of transformation.” – Denise Duffield-Thomas Click to tweet…


Francesca Hogi – Love and Life Design Coach

“Your secret obsession may be your calling as a coach.” -Francesca Hogi Click to tweet…


Ashley Turner – Yoga teacher, Therapist and Coach

“When you are ready your clients appear.” -Ashley Turner Click to tweet…



Sherold Barr – Master Life Coach and Entrepreneur Coach

“I believe we are all here to wake up.” -Sherold Barr Click to tweet…


Amber Krzys – Body and Life Coach

“Coaching is the most rewarding and empowering careers on the planet.” -Amber Krzys Click to tweet…


btc-2015-coach-kristen (1)
Kristen Domingue – Branding Development Coach

“The path to a fulfilling life starts with a fulfilling purpose.” -Kristen Domingue Click to tweet…


Rebecca T. Dickson – Business Coach and Bullshit Slayer

“If you want to coach then go after it with both hands.” -Rebecca T. Dickson Click to tweet…


Kristoffer Carter, aka KC – Creative Catalyst

“You have to start where you are.” -Kristoffer Carter Click to tweet…


Sue B. Zimmerman – Instagram Expert & Business Coach

“The more you give, the more you get.” -Sue B. Zimmerman Click to tweet…


Elizabeth Purvis – Master Money Breakthrough Coach for Spirit-Driven Women Entrepreneurs

“Coaching is magic in action.” -Elizabeth Purvis Click to tweet…


Sandra Hanna – Visionary Leader of Smart Cookies & Debt-Free Mentor for Women

“Get clear on the life you want to live.” -Sandra Hanna Click to tweet…


Racheal Cook – Yogiprenuer Business Coach & Modern Mamapreneur Mentor

“The journey of clarity never stops.” -Racheal Cook Click to tweet…


Christine Hassler – Life Coach & Author

“Your own life experience becomes your teachings.” -Christine Hassler Click to tweet…


Joanne Ameya Cohen – Feminine Embodiment Mentor

“You are unique and have sacred medicine to share with the world.” -Joanne Ameya Cohen Click to tweet…



Tanya Lynn  – Activator & Trainer

“There is no bad client – every single person is a messenger for you.” -Tanya Lynn Click to tweet…


Pretty powerful right? Which one spoke to you?

Sweet Soul, I have your back.

I know how you may be feeling and perhaps you’re a bit afraid and not totally sure coaching is for you. Maybe you feel you need the courage and tools, or to have faith in yourself to make it happen, or you may be getting snagged by the comparison game. You may be thinking there are too many coaches already out there.

This is NORMAL.

As you can see, you are not alone. All the amazing coaches and mentors you just read advice from started just where you are.

This is just one gem from their interview – imagine how much more you can learn when you register to have your front row VIP seat with awesome swag from me (bonus training on Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Coach + Free Intro to Coaching Toolkit).

Best part, you don’t have to buy an airline ticket, find a hotel or leave your home to have access to these 15 interviews over 5 days, starting August 3.

Click to watch the video, and get your formal invitation to join us for The Breakthrough to Coaching Experience.


If you know you really enjoy helping others and want to make a difference in the lives of others who want and need it, then consider joining us to have a breakthrough to get out there to follow your calling to be a coach.

It will be an honor to share this week of breakthroughs and transformation with you.

Will you help me spread the word to more heart-centered souls like you? Know anyone who has been feeling the calling to check out coaching? Please share this post with them, it will help them out and I know they will love you for it. Thank you!


Your Angel of Fire,

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