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Start Living Your Dream Life Now and Watch Your Business Flourish

Unless you’re new here, you probably already know that we’re big fans of Racheal Cook of The Yogipreneur. Racheal joined us this past spring as an expert for The Breakthrough to Coaching Experience, and we love sharing her programs with you – she’s an amazing woman and mamapreneur, and a positive light that just keeps shining!

Today, Racheal is sharing 3 practical ways to get started living your life NOW! Once you’ve read what Racheal has to say, join the conversation in the comments by telling us how you’re going to stop waiting for “someday” and start living NOW!


startlivingThere’s an epidemic amongst us. I see it nearly every day in my work with helping and healing entrepreneurs, and it’s secretly holding us back from experiencing all the happiness, success, and joy we really want in our business and our life.

What is this sneaky saboteur?

We’re all committed to building a life and business we love, but as we do that, we put the life part on hold. We have this limiting belief that we must work our fingers to the bone to create a successful business first… before we can have the life we love.

How that plays out is just not pretty – overwhelm, burnout, resentment.

*Cue flashback of crawling under the covers to escape biz*

It’s a whole ball of negative, unhealthy emotions that can hold us back as we feel like we simply aren’t good enough.

No matter how much you truly love the work you’re doing – A life that’s all work and no play is a recipe for burnout. Click to tweet…

And surprisingly, it also puts a cap on how much success, happiness and freedom you’ll experience in your business.

It may seem counter intuitive, but working more and doing more in your business is actually not what you need to do reach your goals. This is a hard lesson I’ve learned firsthand (and multiple times over). My journey to where I am today – like most of us – was not simple or easy. In fact, I’m the first to admit that I’m a recovering workaholic.

Back in 2008, I left the corporate world after experiencing anxiety and panic attacks that were landing me in the ER on a regular basis. I realized that I needed to overhaul my lifestyle – from my health to who I spent time with – if I was gonna be healthy and happy.

So when I took my passion for yoga + experience as a business consultant to start The Yogipreneur, I thought I’d be in the clear. I was literally surrounded by healthy people who preached the gospel of self-care (didn’t realize at the time that healers and helpers are usually the most susceptible to burnout).

And I made the #1 mistake of lasting change – I thought that changing how and where and who I did my work with would ‘fix’ the problem. As much as I loved serving this community – my workaholic patterns were still there!

I found myself using my business as an excuse. Not to get together with friends. Not to enjoy my hobbies. And most of all not to actually live the life I claimed I wanted.

I spent all my time and money on my new business, and it was NEVER ever enough. Before long, I was on the road to burnout – again – which was the exact reason I’d left corporate in the first place.

Once I was pregnant with twins in 2009, I was forced to carefully look at how my business was running and the fact my life needed to change. The second my twins were born, I realized that my workaholic ways needed to end and that my life was too short, too precious, for me to put living a life I loved on hold.

It’s like I had a list of achievements I had to check off before I ‘deserved’ a life I loved. MBA. Check. Handsome hubby. Check. 6 figure business. Check. But why was I still so unfulfilled when everything on paper looked so good?

Turns out – it doesn’t work that way. Checking things off the list just means you’ll put more on the list and never get to the point where you can live life on your terms.

Stop waiting to live a life you love! Click to tweet…

For me, once I let go of the list, let go of the achievements and expectations, my business started to grow and really thrive. As you start to embrace living the life that you’re working for, your business actually works with you to make it your reality!

Instead of being stuck in the vicious cycle of not being good enough, you deserve more from your life starting right now. No more listening to your saboteur that says you aren’t (fill-in-the-blank) enough. Because that voice is always gonna tell you that you aren’t worthy of love, joy, happiness or anything good.

You end up in a vicious circle that will only stop when you consciously decide you are worth it. You deserve to rest, relax, eat right and sleep more. To go out with your friends, make date night actually happen or curl up with a deliciously trashy book.

Without leaving space for living your life, your business suffers. Abundance, freedom, and peace will never come if you are energetically out of whack. Click to tweet…

To really grow and live your dreams in your business – you need to live your life now. Here’s some practical ways to get started now:

#1. Make Self Care a Priority

You know when you’re flying they make you put on your air mask first before helping others around you? That’s what self-care is all about. It’s not indulgent or frivolous, it’s a necessity. You will never be the person you want to be if you don’t take care of yourself.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions:

 Sleep Well. It is not a badge of honor to be sleep deprived. When you don’t get enough rest, you are on a path to burnout that much quicker. Your body and your brain need time to recharge every night with 8 or more hours of sleep. More rest will make you happier, healthier and more productive.

 Pamper Yourself. It may seem high maintenance, but trust me, it’s not. Having a massage or pedicure is a signal to your body and brain that you are worth it. Get something on the schedule, even something as small as a Saturday night bubble bath.

Eat Well. Move Your Body. I don’t know about you, but the second I’m stressed, I start to eat. And then I feel bad. By being proactive and creating a plan to eat well and move more, you can avoid getting trapped into a cycle of self loathing over a bag of Oreos. Use food as fuel and take time to get out of your head and into your body and you’ll quickly start to see the benefits to your business.

#2. Take Pleasure In Your Surroundings

Stop waiting for your dream home on the beach or the weekend house in the mountains. You deserve a space you love now! You may just need to get creative to make the most of what you DO have right now.

Little things can make a big difference in your mindset:

Get Out of the Bat Cave. Great lighting is everything. Work near a window, get a great natural daylight lamp. Use candles or add a chandelier if that floats your boat. Do not work in a dark cave where you are hidden from light all day, everyday.

Kiss Clutter Goodbye. I work at home and I have three kids 4 and under, so I wrote the book on clutter. But in your workspace, you need to commit to no clutter. A clean, organized desk or office means you can get focused and avoid obsessing over why there’s 8 tubes of glitter glue on your desk.

Add Accents You Love. The littlest things can make a big difference from flowers to art to music. As I’m looking at my desk now, I have a gorgeous money tree one one side of my desk, my favorite photo of my kids, and I just bought an adorable little gold desk lamp (from Target! $24 worth of luxury!). Whatever lifts you up make a point of adding it to your space. Simple luxuries can make you feel more abundant and worthy in no time flat.

Get Dressed. How “pro CEO” do you feel in your ratty t-shirt and nasty old yoga pants? Yes – I’m talking to you! Now that my husband is working from home with me, HE even noticed that he felt more confident starting the day after a hot shower and putting on actual work clothes. We keep it casual – but I actually feel confident picking up the kids from school knowing that I look like a chic CEO + mom!

#3. Just Have Some Fun Already!

As a naturally more serious type, this is probably my on-going life lesson. Fun and play are a major part of feeling like you are enough. Click to tweet…

If you aren’t enjoying things as you build your business, what’s really the point? Let your hair down, laugh, be ridiculous and spend time with your family and friends.

Enjoy Hobbies. Not every hobby needs to be a business. Find things you enjoy and immerse yourself in them. I’m the original multi-passionate – one look around my living room reveals no less than 10 different instruments, a couple of digital cameras, and my new favorite, painting! Invest time and energy into your hobbies – it’s a great creative outlet that is amazing at releasing stress.

Get Unplugged. If you are working 24/7/365 this is for you. Everyone needs a Business Savasana every now and then where you take a regular break. Ditch the phone or your laptop to get some much needed perspective. You’ll find you return refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the world.

Hook Up with Business BFFs. Being in business doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Get some Business BFFs – friends and colleagues who are on the same path you are on. You can share ideas, get honest feedback and support on the not-so great days.

When you commit to living a life you love right now and not putting it on the backburner for “someday” – you’re significantly changing the path of your business. You are saying “hey world, I am good enough, bring it on!”

That sense of worth, your confidence and joy will spill over into your business and you’ll start to see big things happening.

You just need to take the first steps and starting living your life now.

Tell me in the comments…

I can’t wait to hear from you – how are you gonna start LIVING your dream life, right now?

About Rachael… 

RachealCookHeadshotRacheal Cook is a green smoothie enthusiast, restorative yoga advocate, and business strategist who works with yogi-hearted entrepreneurs to create more ease and less stress in their business. Connect with Racheal at, on Facebook, and on Twitter.





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