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How to BE Thankful For Everything and BE a Happier Person (And download your free manifesto!)

IMG_6388There’s so much judgement, fear and negativity out there about having a child in your 40’s. At times I felt like I was old and washed up. I had to move past this B.S. and even changed my doctor mid stream of my pregnancy because she was hanging in this space.

Boy, that was something to be thankful for because it was invalidating and bringing too much conflict during a time of joy.

On top of that, I was carrying an old belief and I thought I’d NEVER have a family. Once I released the fear around this, I was able to change that thought and remove the fear. This opened me up to getting pregnant – to allowing myself to have what I desired.

I’m thankful for the fear because it showed me there’s still more work to do around my beliefs.

Throughout my pregnancy I went through a lot emotionally, spiritually and physically. I will share, I did feel great for a lot of it and had a great pregnancy. I also had moments that were not comfortable, moments that were challenging – and sleep was never good.

It was a HUGE growth period for so many reasons.

To help me shift the crappy stuff, I focused on practicing being thankful. Thankful for the good, the bad and the ugly, and finding out why I was thankful – what I learned and how it was helping me.

After I released not wanting it, I was able to have it by being thankful for it.

Here’s some more of what I’m THANKFUL for and WHY.

I’m thankful for having to change my doctor during my pregnancy because it taught me I have the right to change and not feel guilty nor defensive about it.

I’m thankful for not being able to eat sugar during my pregnancy because I did not have to take antibiotics for a bladder infection. I know, TMI, but you know how I roll – I share my real-life teachable moments.

I’m thankful my doctor was not there to birth Odin. It was quite a shock when I heard this, but it was a holiday and there was nothing I could do about it.

I’m thankful for modern medicine and being in a hospital for my birth because without it, who knows what might have happened. I’m thankful to be able to face my fears and release my judgments around medicine and make peace with allopathic medicine.

And I’m thankful for interrupted sleep because I’m able to nurse my baby, learn what it really takes to be a parent and raise my baby boy with love and respect. What I’m learning is to not judge any parent for how they raise their kids and keep my attention on what works for our family.

Doing this as a daily practice, along with giving myself permission to be grateful for everything, has freed me of the heaviness and allowed me to give myself permission to have it. I’m no longer in resistance to it and can be thankful for everything.

Ok, I will admit it – at first I may react, be pissed and vent. Then I laugh at myself, use amusement, and ease myself into being thankful so I can find the lesson in it. Sometimes it happens right away, sometimes it takes a couple of hours or days.

The biggest lesson I have learned is…

Be deliberate with how you create your life. It’s a great way to be happy. Click to tweet…

Now let’s get to being THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING (even the crappy stuff)…

It’s easy to be thankful for the “good” stuff, the easy stuff, and the blessings. And what does not work for us is also a blessing and something to be thankful for – that’s where the alchemy comes in.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Give yourself about 10 min, set a timer and complete the following writing prompts to release what you may be feeling bad about and free up your heart and mind so you can feel thankful for everything…

Let it be a stream of consciousness. Let it flow and if you want to write, take a break, then come back to it – great. If you want to take more time, great. Do what feels good for you.

I’m thankful for having…

I’m thankful for learning…

I’m thankful for not having…

I’m thankful for experiencing challenges this year around…

I’m thankful for learning from these challenges…

The biggest challenge I’m thankful for is…

From this challenge, I’m thankful for learning…

The hardest moment this year I’m thankful for is…

I’m thankful for learning from this hard moment because…

I’m thankful for everything because…

Feels good to get that out, right?

Let’s keep the good feelings flowing – grab my free gift, just for you…


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Now, I’d love to hear from you sweet soul.

Let’s heal together and reframe the good, the bad and the ugly.

Tell me in the comments one thing you are thankful for and why. Make it your biggest challenge, your hardest moment or just share you’re thankful for everything and why.

And if you want to clear up some energy, go ahead and use your comment to make a claim to give yourself permission to be thankful for everything. Trust me, it will feel better once you write it then say it.

Enjoy your holiday if you are celebrating and if not enjoy your weekend!


Your Angel of Fire,




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